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manage HPUX Devices for Linux Admins

How to manage devices in HPUX

by mn.sobieh

After knowing how to navigate the HPUX terminal In this article, we will explain how HPUX hardware detection works and tools used to manage HPUX devices. For example how to show device details and configure it.

HPUX harware detection

similarly, HPUX uses files located in /dev/ directory to access the hardware and its devices. Most of the devices and their device files are configured automatically during the boot time.

On boot time, HP Unix try to connect all devices and executes /sbin/ioinit.rc script will create new device files if needed. 

HPYX Device Management commands

The following HPUX commands will be useful in case that you needed to manage a disk or check the network or device information. For example, To show all the configured devices:

# ioscan -f

list the available disk/CD Drives along with their device file details:

# ioscan -funC disk

To list the tape drives :

# ioscan -funC tape

As before, ioscan command is a powerful tool that allows you to manage various HPUX devices. As another example for it It can list all LAN adapters by defining the following argumant:

# ioscan -funC lan

To show the details of a device file:

# lssf /dev/rmt/0mn

configured the recently connected tape drive:

# insf -C tape

To configure newly connected CD Rom or disk

# insf -C disk

Wrap up

This article shows some commands that will help you Linux Administrator in network and device management of HPUX systems. for more details you could visit this blog.

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