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know why to use a reverse proxy

by mn.sobieh

Implementing a reverse proxy servers usually for many reasons. For example, enable load-balancing, high availability, improved performance, and enhanced security. So, This article explains the what is it, how it works. Then, explain the advantage and disadvantages of having it in your architecture.

What is it ? how it works ?

Basically, a Reverse proxy works as an Interface or bridge between the Internet and your web-based services. in other words, instead of exposing many servers to internet, you will exposing one server.

Famous Reverse proxies.

notably, there are many reveres proxy in the marker. nevertheless, It falls back to your environment needs which type you will need.

Why use reverse proxy-network
    A pioneer proxy server known for its efficiency as load balancer for TCP and HTTP-based applications. It has afree version. nevertheless, the paid one (Enterprise version) provides many features like high availablity, Layer 7 load-balancing, Security feautres.
  • Nginx.
    A known as high-performance web server. furthermore, It provides reverse proxy feature, caching and, load balancing.
  • Microsoft IIS .
    IIS is usually known as webserver. nevertheless, it can work as reverse proxy after enabling some addons. to demonstrate, These serios of articles shows how to setup configure IIS as reverse proxy

Why use Reverse Proxy ( Advantages )?

indeed, Having Reverse proxy in your architecture is highly recommended. as it gives you the opportunity to

  • Monitor, analayis, and control web Traffic to your servers.
  • Apply security features.
  • Provide Load balancing.
  • SSL offloading.
  • Protect your servers from internet (Only proxy need to be exposed to internet).
  • Enable Caching and reduce load on your webservers.
  • Reduce Administrative tasks related to websites rules and subdomains.
  • consolidate their internet presence as all servers exposed to internet through single IP or servers.
  • Allow you consolidate or Customize error pages for whole services.

Reverse Proxy disadvantages

indeed, The use of a Reverse proxy adds an additional layer of complexity to your network architecture. . The following are the disadvantages or the obstacles you might face while having it in your architecture.

  • Enabling security cloud block your applications.
  • Apps compatibilty with proxy.
  • SSL offloading Apps compatibilty .
  • Web-Application auditing related issues like client IPs.
  • Developers hard coding.
  • Redundent headers in Proxy and Backend Server.
  • All eggs in one basket (Single point of failure).


altogether, having a reverse proxy in your environment will positively impact your environment. After all, the pros outweigh the cons.

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