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How to change HPUX HBA, date, timezone

by mn.sobieh

As a continuation of the HPUX for Linux Admins series. This article explains how to display the HPUX system settings then explain how to edit them. for example, the display HBA configurations like WWN or change server Date, time, and timezone.

You should be able to use the keyboard to navigate the terminal and know the basic commands and their syntax from previous articles.


  • Gather System Information.
  • Change System settings.
  • Check Fiber Card WWN.
  • Change Date, Time, and Timezone.

We will go through UNIX CLI and show common HPUX commands for monitoring and network control commands

uname –rTo view OS Version of your HPUX  
glance  To find the server’s memory size and other details: (external tool) In the output you will find physical memory size in the output.
ioscan -C processorTo list the processor information:
uname –mTo display the system architecture:
model getconf MACHINE_MODELTo display machine model:
swlist HPUX*OE*  To display Operating Environment and OS Version. In addition to the latest OS update.
getconf HW_CPU_SUPP_BITS  To show Hardware(CPU) bit:
getconf KERNEL_BITS  To show Kernel bit:

To get the Server serial number: (Use any of the below):

echo "sc product system;info;wait;il" | cstm | grep -i "system serial"
echo "sel path system\ninfolog\nexit"|cstm|grep "System Serial"
machinfo | grep "machine serial"

Display HPUX HBA information

Assuming that you have an HBA (Fiber Channel) Card installed on your server. and you need the WWNof this card.

First, Issue the command to show HBA settings.

ioscan -nfC FC

It will show you the device path for the desired FC. for example, /dev/fcd0

Nex, Issue the following command to display the device full configurations including the WWN

fcmsutil /dev/fcd0

Look for a line with the words

N_Port Port WWN which will contain your fiber card identifier.

Modify Settings:

To set the hostname, IP address, date/time, DNS/NIS server details, default gateway after the OS installation:

This command will run automatically after the OS installation.

 set_parms initial

Change HPUX Date, time, Timezone

It is essential to make sure that the server has the correct time, as it could cause many issues. for example, SSL related issues, Server out of sync is it was working in a cluster, or at least

specially if the sever com To change the date and time:

 set_parms date_time

To change the timezone:

 set_parms timezone

Wrap up

Yet, few commands allow Linux Admins to dive deeper into HPUX settings. Thus, they can complete their tasks. In this article, we were able to Display HBA details (WWN) and change Operating system Date, time, and timezone

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