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Compare vmware-tools vs open-vm-tools.

by mn.sobieh

Any virtual machine hosted by VMware hypervisors needs a software called vmware-tools. It’s a suite of utilities that enhances its performance and improves the management of the virtual machine. VMware provides two packages vmware-tools and open-vm-tools. both provide the same features with a slight difference. for example:

open-vm-tools comes with Linux distributions, in contrast, VMware comes with the hypervisor.
vmware-tools requires a restart of the guest operating system. even more, It does not auto-updates.

In ESXi/vCenter :

If you use an open-vm-tools, you will find VMware tools status has value Guest Managed on VM’s Summary tab. This status means that vCenter Server to manage VMware Tools and you cannot use vSphere Update Manager to upgrade VMware Tools.

folders from myHost to the famous /mnt/hgfs directory. Though It is easy to do.

We used open-vm-tools and did troubleshooting related to vmhgfs-fuse mount errors.

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