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Start EBS R12.2 on Linux

by mn.sobieh

If you are new to Oracle E-Business suite R12.2 on Linux, You might find stating EBS instance a bit confusing especially after rebooting your server. If you try to execute adstrtal.sh script directly, It will fail. As there are some preparations If that is your case then, this article is for you. It explains how to safely stop and start oracle EBS processes on Linux. For information on how to install EBS R12.2 on Linux Server.

Production environments host their database runs on a separate server. For that, EBS R12.2 does not include starting the database in their start script, even if it is hosted on the same server.

There are two phases to start oracle E-Business suite R12.2 on Linux.

First Phase: start EBS database.

Second Phase: Find start Script and start EBS instance.

Start EBS database

Starting EBS database is a bit different than starting a normal Oracle database. First, you need to identify ebs database’s home.

Get server name is simple just execute the following command.

$ tree -d -L 2 /u01

The output depends on your Oracle Base directory, for example, It shows oracle home bellow the VIS directory.


Next, we will load database environment variables.

[oracle@ebssrv1 ~]$ ls -l /u01/VIS/12.1.0/*.env
-rw-r--r--. 1 oracle oinstall 4205 Aug 8 09:15 /u01/VIS/12.1.0/VIS_ebssrv1.env
[oracle@ebssrv1 ~]$ source /u01/VIS/12.1.0/VIS_ebssrv1.env

Finally, Start the database and the database listener. By executing the following commands.

[oracle@ebssrv1 ~]$ lsnrctl start
[oracle@ebssrv1 ~]$ echo "startup" | sqlplus -s / as sysdba

The output of the command will look like that:


Start Oracle EBS Instance using adstrtal.sh

After Starting EBS database, Next is to start The E-Business suite R12.2 process. Simply execute adstrtal.sh from EBS administrator script directory.

Default Path for the script in /u01/VIS/fs1/inst/apps/VIS_ebs/admin/scripts

To execute a shell script in Linux or UNIX from the same directory which the script located is simple. You just need to add ./ before the script’s name. For example, in our situation to execute the adstrtal.sh script.

[oracle@ebssrv1 ~]$ cd /u01/VIS/fs1/inst/apps/VIS_ebs/admin/scripts
[oracle@ebssrv1 ~]$ ./adstrtal.sh

when you execute the script, it will ask you to provide three credentials Apps username, APPS password, and Weblogic Password.


Note:  EBS R12.2 APPS default username is apps and the password is apps too.

You could provide username and password for apps as parameters for adstart.sh script as follows:

[oracle@ebssrv1 ~]$ ./adstrtal.sh apps/apps

It’s not recommended to do so. besides, it will ask for WebLogic Server password.

Stop Oracle EBS R12.2

To achieve safe shutdown of ebs services, you need to reverse the order of the process.

stop Oracle EBS instance

First, stop ebs R12.2 instance using the adstpall.sh script which is located in EBS admin scripts directory.

After executing it, it will ask for the Apps user credentials and WebLogic Server password.

[oracle@ebssrv1 ~]$ /u01/VIS/fs1/inst/apps/VIS_ebssrv1/admin/scripts/adstpall.sh

Stop the ebs database.

To stop the ebs database, first, load the environment variables. Then, shut down the database and the listener.


To summarize, You need to start the database before you start ebs, If you executed the adstrtal.sh script without starting the database, It will fail. consequentially, you will need to restart your server. First Start your database, then, execute the script.

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