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Install EBS R12.2 on Linux 7

by mn.sobieh

This article explains how to install Oracle EBS R12.2 on Linux 7 step by step. In addition, It provides the instruction to configure your OS. So, EBS installation complete in a single straight shot and avoids errors in your installation.

Oracle EBusness Suite (#EBS) installation is a lengthy one, because of the installation process validation, and install Database, Middleware. Though, Oracle University Installer (OUI) made the Installation a bit straight forward. However, Its validation takes a lot of time before it shows any error messages. therefore, follow the pre-installation configuration mentioned below to get a smooth installation.

Before we start there are few assumptions, like:

  1. Your server has enough free space at least 300GB.
  2. I will use /u01 as a base of operations, for example, it holds source zip files, extracted stage folders, and installation files too.
  3. Source files are located in /u01/src

EBS prerequisites for a successful install.

The following configurations are essential for EBS R12.2 installation success. therefore, Execute the following commands with a privileged user.

1. Server hostname.

Make sure that your server hostname is stored in the hosts file in the proper syntax

<IP-Address>     <hostname.domainname>        <HOSTNAME>     ebssrv1.cloudadmin.club       ebssrv1

2. Oracle Linux preinstall Packages

Then, Update your operating system and Install Oracle pre-installation configuration packages for both database and EBS. each package fulfill the prerequisites of one of the components.

[root@ebssrv1 ~]# yum update -y
[root@ebssrv1 ~]# yum install -y oracle-database-server-12cR2-preinstall.x86_64
[root@ebssrv1 ~]# yum install -y oracle-ebs-server-R12-preinstall.x86_64

This installation will create the oracle user and all required groups oinstall, hence, you need to set a password for the oracle user.

3. Oracle Inventory file

It’s essential to creat and configure Oracle inventory file correctly. If not, It will cause your installation to fail, as, the EBS R12.2.5 wizard will try to access /oracle/oraInventory which does not exist. therefore, let’s create it in /etc/ with name oraInst.loc

the file should have the following lines:

Oracle Inventory file content oraInst.loc file

[root@ebssrv1 ~]# cat /etc/oraInst.loc

4. File system fold structure

To Install Oracle EBS you need 3 directories, that is to say,

  • Source directory: It contains the Zip files that you downloaded from Oracle.
  • Stage directory: Contains the extract of zip files in structure needed by the installer.
  • EBS Installation Directory: that contains the running instance and datafiles.

Oracle Base directory

Create /u01 and change ownership

[root@ebssrv1 ~]# mkdir /u01
[root@ebssrv1 ~]# chown -R oracle:oinstall /u01

5. Configure Linux Firewall

Oracle EBS needs a group of ports, So the following command enables access to its default ports. I intentionally didn’t add the database listener to prevent external access to the database.

You can adjust the ports to the values

[root@ebssrv1 ~]# firewall-cmd --permanent --zone=public --add-port={7001/tcp,7201/tcp,7401/tcp,7601/tcp,7801/tcp,8889/tcp,9999/tcp,8000/tcp}
[root@ebssrv1 ~]# firewall-cmd --permanent --zone=public --add-port={7002/tcp,7202/tcp,7402/tcp,7602/tcp,7802/tcp,8890/tcp,10000/tcp}
[root@ebssrv1 ~]# firewall-cmd --reload

Build Oracle EBS R12.2 stage.

To prepare for EBS installation, navigate into Source folder ( /u01/src), then extract StartCD compressed files

cd /u01/src
unzip V100052-01_1of3.zip
unzip V100052-01_2of3.zip
unzip V100052-01_3of3.zip

It will extract the content into a directory called startCD.

Next, Navigate into /u01/src/startCD/Disk1/rapidwiz, then execute buildStage.sh script.


This interactive script will give you the option to create the staging directory structure and extract the ZIP files into it, consequently, we will be able to start the installation
To build stage structure I will ask to provide the EBS source directory

Install-Oracle-EBS-R12.2.5 buildstage.sh script location

[root@ebssrv1 ~]# cd /u01/src/startCD/Disk1/rapidwiz/bin
[root@ebssrv1 bin]# ./buildStage.sh

After application starts, The interactive Configuration menu will prompt you for your input.

Firstly, press Enter to open the Build stage menu, Next, Press (1) to create a new stage area for your ebs installation.

buildstage.sh Build Stage Menu

Next, press 2 to select Linux as a platform

buildstage.sh Rapid Install Platform Menu

Finally, specify the directory that contains the zipped installation files, in our example the files stored in /u01/src/zipFiles. Then press Enter.

EBS-R12.2- buildstage.sh Zipped media files Path

Follow the procedures mostly It is informational, as the script will verify the files, then extract them, after that, it will apply patches, and finally, it will Exit.

How to install EBS R12.2.

This article’s objective is to ensure a successful install of Oracle ebs R12.2 on your Oracle Linux 7 server. therefore, We will not discuss advanced Installation.

To start the installation. First, Navigate to oracle EBS rapid installer to start to install oracle EBS.

[root@ebssrv1 ~]# cd /u01/src/startCD/Disk1/rapidwiz/
[root@ebssrv1 rapidwiz]# ./rapidwiz

When the Wizard UI opens,Check use Express Install then press Next.

ebs-Install-wizard-Express Install

Nex, You will be asked to enter the following values

  1. Database type:  whether your installation has demo data or clean installation.
  2. Enter Database SID : VIS
  3. Domain: Enter the domain that your server belongs to, As explained in EBS R12.2 prerequisites section. For example, our domain is cloudadmin.club the wizard will attach hostname.
  4. Oracle FusionMiddleware credentials (username-password)
  5. Oracle Base Dir: make sure you have the correct path /u01.

ebs-Install-wizard-Express Install

When you press Next. the wizard will issue system check


If you applied the configuration correctly, The results should appear like this image.


Now, press Next to proceed with the installation, press Next then Next.


When the installation finishes It will show you the post-installation validation.

The previous screen shows a successful post-installation check for your installation. press Next will show the finish screen.


After your installation is complete. Click on the “Connect to oracle e-bussiness suite release 12.2” button, or open your EBS URL in our example: http://ebssrv1.cloudadmin.club:8000 to get the EBS login page.


Access your EBS using default username sysadmin and password sysadmin too.

Our conclusion that the Install process of Oracle EBusiness Suite (EBS) is a time consuming, especially when you repeat the process because EBS R12.2 prerequisites on Linux were not fulfilled. If you properly configured your operating system and followed the instructions in this article you will save your time and get it done from the first time.


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