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Solved [J2EE160149] missing adf.oracle.domain

by mn.sobieh

It’s a common issue, Yet confusing. a Java application, for example, an ADF application developed with JDeveloper 12c. though it is working fine in the Embedded WebLogic Server of JDeveloper, It fails when you try to deploy it or start it in a stand-alone managed server, or in your WLS Domain giving error that It misses a library adf.oracle.businesseditor, adf.oracle.domain, or adf.oracle.domain.webapp. Hence, This article explains how to define the missing library and how to solve [J2EE:160149]Unresolved application library references error message.

This solution works on:

Oracle Weblogic, Oracle Fusion Middleware 11.x, Oracle Fusion Middleware 12.1, and Oracle Fusion Middleware 12.2.

The full error message usually:

weblogic.management.DeploymentException: [J2EE:160149]Error while processing library references. 
Unresolved application library references, defined in weblogic-application.xml:[Extension-Name: adf.oracle.domain, exact-match: false]

Unresolved application library references, missing adf.oracle.domain library

What causes [J2EE:160149]Unresolved application library references error?

You deployed a Java application on a managed server, and your deployment needs a library that is not included in your WAR/EAR file and your managed server can’t provide access to that library. for example, there is missing ADF Runtime Libraries from the managed server where you deployed your application.

Where is adf.oracle.domain library?

The missing Java Required Files (JRF) already bundled with WebLogic Deployments as a library type, you just need to add The Managed Server you want to deploy or start your application as a Target to the missing libraries, so your application can access adf.oracle.domain library.

Usually when application complaints about ad.oracle.domain library, It does for two additional libraries adf.oracle.businesseditor and adf.oracle.domain.webapp.


the following steps will allow your managed server to have access to the library:

  1. Logon to WebLogic Console
  2. Click on Deployments
  3. Lookup in Deployments for the missing library name, in my case it was the following:
    • adf.oracle.businesseditor(1.0,
    • adf.oracle.domain(1.0,
    • adf.oracle.domain.webapp(1.0,

and if you didn’t find it click on Customize this table and make sure to untick Exclude libraries when displaying deployments then click  Apply

[J2EE160149]Unresolved-application-library references-01-library-page adf.oracle.domain.webapp

4. Click on library name oracle.domain(1.0, then Lock & Edit

5. Click on the Targets tab. Then, Select the Managed Server or Cluster where your application deployed or

[J2EE160149]Unresolved-application-library references-02-add-Target

6. Click on Save then Activate Changes

7. Follow same steps from 4 to 6 on following library too

    • adf.oracle.businesseditor(1.0,
    • adf.oracle.domain.webapp(1.0,

Important note: You may need to repeat the steps above for other libraries that I’ve not listed here, it depends on which ADF extensions your application is using.

in Conclusion, the missing adf.orac.e.domain libraries come with WebLogic. however, you can use the same procedures to investigate missing libraries and link it to your managed server, as Oracle Fusion Middleware provides a conglomerate of libraries that is common between applications.


(Doc ID 947921.1)

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