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Install IIS on windows server

by mn.sobieh

Internet Information Services or IIS for short is an extensible web server created by Microsoft for use with the Windows NT family. furthermore, it is distinguished by its graphical interface; Ease of management; and it fully supports .NET applications. Though IIS supports HTTP, HTTP/2, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, SMTP, and NNTP, It doesn’t support PHP or JSP natively.  This article explains step by step how to install  IIS on Windows server in simple steps.

Steps to Install IIS on windows server. 

Connect to your Windows server and open Server Manager windows. Usually, it appears on connection unless you’ve disabled it. otherwise, You can open it from start windows.

When you open the server manager windows, Click on Manage menu. then, click on “Add Roles and Feature” to open Add Roles and Features wizard.

The first screen is just an informational window that describes the functionality of the wizard. therefore, you can click in the checkbox to hide this screen in the future. then, click Next.

before you begin

In Installation Type Window. Click on Role-based or feature-based installation radio button. then, click Next.

Choose Installation Type

Next, Server selection window: Select a server – usually it will be only one entry – on which you want to install IIS server. Then, click Next.

Select destination Server for IIS server

After that, Scroll down the roles list and check the Web Server(IIS) checkbox. You might see a window prompting you to add some require features by IIS. So,  click add feature Button.

Click Web Server to install IIS

“Features” windows: In this window, you will find a list of additional Windows features and functionalities the might interest you. however, it is beyond our scope. So, Just click Next.

Additional features

“Role Services” It will allow you to control the features of your IIS.firstly you will see an introductory screen. therefore, click next to move to the important stuff.

Web server Role IIS For example, if you plan to host ASP pages or .NET application you need to check ASP.NET. In that topic, I will choose CGI then click Next.

Install IIS - Role features

“Confirmation” windows: It will show you the summary of all chosen Roles and features you selected. Finally, begin the installation by clicking Install.

Confirmation Window

“Result” window: This screen will show the installation progress and high light any component failed to be installed. When the installation complete click Close.

Wizard result window

When Installation complete you will find a new icon on your OS start menu titled “Internet Information Service” which will allow you to manage your IIS

IIS Icon in Start menu

Test your IIS installation

To test if your IIS service is working you need to open your browser and type the URL HTTP://<Your Server IP>/. if you still on the server just type http://localhost and you should see a page like that

IIS Home Page

By that, you have successfully installed IIS on that server. Next is to configure IIS as a reverse proxy.

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